Potential bug: boolean field, form view, Apple version 10.15.6

Hi All,

When users tried to tick a box from a Boolean field in the form view using two different Apple computers (version 10.15.6) and any regular browser (chrome, firefox and safari), they could not make it. The same user tried after with a windows computer and all worked fine, which is the same as the experience of 50+ users we had. Could there be some bug with Boolean fields in form view for Apple computers for some reason?

Did anyone experience such an issue? Thanks!


Hi Matias,

I’m running macOS 10.15.7 myself. I’ve created a form with a boolean field, shared it publicly and tried it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and it works as expected for me. Are there any more details you could share by any chance? Ideally, some exact steps on how to reproduce it. That helps a lot with identifying the problem and fixing it.