Prefill form with record info to update records

Hi all. Loving Baserow so far. Can anyone advise if there is or if there plans to be a solution to update records in baserow using the native form or a third-party method?
This is something that is also missing in Airtable but there are other tools that can make this work. Keen to hear if anyone has found a suitable workaround they might want to share.

Hey @Matt, welcome to the Baserow community—glad you’re enjoying it!

Forms, by definition, are intake methods, and thus only create new records. For this reason, it’s unlikely that it’ll be possible to update a record using a form, regardless of which tool you use. Forms are designed to be one-directional, so I’m not sure how it’d be possible to match an existing record (in what would need to be a pre-populated form) in order to update that specific existing record.

I’ll let my teammates @nigel and @bram jump in regarding third-party methods or other solutions that might accomplish what you’re looking for.

See you around the community :wave:

Thanks @HiramFromTheChi . I think i just worked it out using Jotform and Baserow PATCH API, it’s a little unwieldy in the URL and probably only suitable for certain types of use case, but it works fine.

Happy to do a run-through if anyone wants.


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At the moment it’s not possible to edit existing rows with a form in Baserow. My first thought to do this would be to use the Baserow API and patch the row via there. We’ve actually never considered implementing something like this, but it does seem like something that could be useful. Would you mind sharing a bit more about your use-case, so why you would need this functionality? And how would you imagine that something this works exactly?

Thanks @bram Yes, that’s what I did and it works fine, but does expose the info in the URL, which probably isn’t the best idea for lots of use cases, but anyway. The update record function is used widely by lots of people so users can manage their own information via forms etc. I use it in every client build i do with a third party provider for Airtable forms functions. Ideally, it would be great to be able to reference a row ID and specify which fields you wanted filled with the existing info from record and which they could edit etc. I’d love to discuss this further with you if you wanted to speak in more detail.

That would be great. We probably need to add some security to this feature if we decide to implement it. Because if someone can edit a row based on the ID, it can easily be guessed by “hackers”. I’ll be giving this some more thought and discuss internally with the team if this is something we want to implement. I’ll get back to you!

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There’s a similar product that is doing this well - Stackby | Planning and automation platform!
See updatable forms.