Prefill link to 'today' possible

Hi all,

Prefilling fields seem to be very handy to prefill a form with data.
Is it possible however, to prefill a ‘date’ field with ‘today’s’ date?



You can prefill forms with adding parameters in the querystring. We have a good article about this: How to prefill forms dynamically with existing data // Baserow.

However, it is not directly possible to prefill with dynamic data like the current date. The only option I see is embedding the form in an <iframe> tag and using JS to the the current date. This current date can be injected in the src attribute of the iframe.

Thanks Frederick,

It’s a good article, as it showed me how to creat my first prefill-link.

I’ve been thinking about adding a (hidden) formula-field to the database with Today(), so this could serve as ‘existing data’… But I’m wondering if that field would dynamically update everyday or not…

Update: the today() formula indeeds keeps the date current, so this works as a way to pre-fill a form with today’s date.

thanks again,