Prefill with field name instead of display value?

My team and I are having so much fun setting n8n automations with our Baserow database. We really love it :slight_smile:
We are currently facing a weird behavior with the form prefill feature (we generate the prefill URL in a n8n workflow).
When creating a form in Baserow, it is possible to display a different name than the field to set. For instance, we can choose to display “enter your name” to fill the field name.
However, it looks like the prefill field name in the URL must be the displayed name (and not the field name) meaning something like ?prefill_enter+your+name=james. Is there a way to prefill with the field name?
Webhooks contain the name fields and not the displayed so we are stuck in the n8n workflow.
We have just move to the 1.19 version from the 1.13 and we didnt have this behavior in 1.13.

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Hey there, we’ll check this out @asan :ok_hand:

There is an existing issue for that: Support both field name and displayed name for form prefills (#1576) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

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Hi Baserow team!

Do you have any news about this issue? Where is it in your roadmap?


Hey @asan, it’s ranked very high on the list, so it should be released soon. :raised_hands:

You can view all the issue priorities by using this link: Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. As you can see issue #1576 is on the 2nd page with one of the highest weights, so developers should pick up this task soon.

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Thanks for your answer!