Printable layout for specification sheets from fields


I have a question regarding this feature: I am currently using airtable (former user of Ragic as well) and would like to understand if you will implement a way to create printable A4-A3 sheets from a single database entry : this is very important to us to create printable specification sheets for our product database , whith content from the database fields (fields may be for descriptions, image, measurements , cost, etc…).

This is similar to airtable page designer extension:

Is this something feasible which you may want to implement in the future ?

thanks and congratulationf for your work



Sounds like something that could be a great plugin!

Maybe somebody from the Community will want to implement such a plugin :slight_smile:

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Hello @chowluca! First of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

We don’t have any concrete plans regarding the feature to create printable layouts, but we think it will be nice to add PDF as one of the supported file formats at Baserow. This will allow your users to export views as PDF files that could be printed.

As for now, here are also some suggestions from our community on the workarounds to this functionality: Attractive PDFs using Baserow data and Is it possible to generate PDF files in Baserow? - #7 by olgatrykush.

And that is indeed an excellent idea for a plugin, as @Alex replied. Maybe we will have someone from the community who will build it :smiling_face: