Privacy status of self-hosted Baserow?

Hello! Can you tell me the privacy policy and status of self-hosted Baserow—e.g. does Baserow/its staff have access to or collect any data from self-hosted Baserow? Thank you!

Related resources:

  • I’ve read this ticket on general privacy (which ends with a privacy addition to the FAQ being planned earlier this year)
  • The Baserow privacy policy page seems specific to use of the Baserow dot io website (Privacy Policy // Baserow)

Hi @scholarslab, we value privacy a lot at Baserow. If you’re self hosting, no one has access to your data, except for you and the people you invite. We don’t send over any information to our server, except for some license information if you’re using a subscription. There also isn’t a backdoor that can grants us access.

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Thank you! This is great.