Problem to install Baserow on Docker


I just recently decided to self-host my Baserow database on docker. I followed the tutorial and the installation went great according to the docker console.

Unfortunately, when i run the adress https://“myip”, it tells me “Forbidden, you don’t have acces to this resource”.

I don’t know where the problem can come from so i would gladly accept some help here !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Luciole,

Can you share the command you are running? It sounds like it could be a routing issue or maybe a port forward issue. Are you using a reverse proxy like Caddy or Nginx at all?

Hi @joffcom,

I just followed the tutorial on how to download baserow on docker.
Everything goes right until i try to connect to https://“myiphere” and they tell me the error message.

It’s a new docker so no other command were written

Please help me,

also i have this error message

Hey @Luciole,

That looks like a host issue, What are you trying to run Baserow on?

I use docker which is installed on a cloud server named IONOS.
Do you think this is the problem ?


It might not be the host of the server itself but maybe a configuration issue on the OS. So Docker is saying it can’t create something on the network bridge.

What are the resources like on the server?


Honestly, it’s the first time i use these types of servers so i don’t know anything. If you can tell me what theses resources usually are, or where they usually are, i will be able to tell you :sweat_smile:

Hey @Luciole,

When you purchased the server which one was it :slight_smile: there is normally a CPU, Memory and Disk option.

Could you tell me which version of Docker you are running as well? Could be worth just double checking to make sure the container isn’t running as well as I think that is the issue.

It’s a IONOS server, running on almalinux 8. It’s a Server cloud XS with a 1V core CPU, 0,5 G0 of RAM and a 30go SSD.
The docker version is 20.10.9-2

Is there any other informations that can be important ?

Hey @Luciole,

Nope that looks to be ok although I am not sure what the memory requirement is for Baserow, I suspect it will install ok on something small but may need more as you start to use it.

Docker does appear to moaning though so it doesn’t appear to be directly related to Baserow, Give me a couple of hours and I will see if I can recreate the same issue.