Problem when linking the auto filled fields to link table


i have a problem when executing the api to link a auto number or uuid field to other tabel, when i try to add the link to a table where the id column is an autonumber i get this error message:

{ "error": "ERROR_REQUEST_BODY_VALIDATION", "detail": "Field of type autonumber is read only and should not be set manually." }

when i try to link to a uuid column as the id column i get this error message:

{ "error": "ERROR_REQUEST_BODY_VALIDATION", "detail": "The primary field type 'uuid' of the linked table doesn't support text values." }

I’m trying to create a new element in another table by associating it with the previously existing element, I’m using the field id to identify and I’m not manipulating the table in which the identification field is, this is only done in the baserow web interface.
in both cases i use n8n to make the requisition, use the same table only changing the type of the field and try to uses both the value within an array and only the variable value

Hi, welcome to the community.

Each record in a table has a unique id the is automatically generated. This is not the same as the autonumber or uuid you set yourself.

When linking records through the API it is a good practise to refer to that ID. Also keep in mind that linked field are always considered to be arrays, even if there is only one value inside it.