Problem with add a filter

I try to “add a filter” on several views and nothing appears … Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong ?
I have a free plan on the hosted version.

Thanks a lot for your work !


Hello @DenisProdhomme, first of all, welcome to Baserow :wave:

In Baserow, filtering doesn’t work with the Lookup field type, may it be the root of your issue?

No, i just found where was the problem … My first column is a formula …
And filtering doesn’t work !
When i change my first column in a text column, it is okay !!!

Could it be possible in the future to have filters even with formulas first columns ?

thank you for your work !


Hello @DenisProdhomme! Right, some types of formulas are not supported. Can I ask you which function you use in this formula?

Hello @olgatrykush
I use a “concat” function.

Have a good day !


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