Problem with aggregate formula field

Hello there. I stucked with some interesting behavior. Shortly:

  1. There are two tables that linked (project and tasks). In the tasks I have “responsible” and “rating” fields. All tasks have link to their parent project.
  2. In the parent project I can see a “rating” field, that calculates the sum for all tasks linked to particular project for certain "responsive person. For that I use formula like:
    sum(filter(lookup(‘tasks’, ‘rating’),lookup(‘tasks’,‘Responsible’) = ‘Smith’)).
    Everything worked fine until last week. Now this formula gives me sum for all tasks linked to this particular project.
  3. If I dropped sum key from formula, like - filter(lookup(‘tasks’, ‘rating’),lookup(‘tasks’,‘Responsible’) = ‘Smith’), I’ll see right numbers.
    It looks like fresh bug…
    But maybe I doing things wrong?

Hello @Gamb1t,

thanks for reporting this bug and apologies for the inconvenience.

We are aware of the problem, and we have already created a fix for that here: “Aggregation formulas ignore filter inside”

The fix will be part of the next release. One workaround for now would be to create a formula in the tasks table with a formula like: if(field('Responsible') = 'Smith', field('rating'), 0). In this way in the other table you can create a rollup field or a formula like: sum(lookup('tasks', 'newFormulaField'))