Problem with field editing after new release

Recently (after new baserow release appeared) I’ve got an issue with erasing data in text fields (can’t use Backspace or Del key while editing)
The issue appeares after staying some time on the page, after page update (F5) it works fine for some short time.

My fellow members of the group got the same

Hi @mandarinkdk ,

Sorry you’ve hit this issue. Could you let me know the following things:

  • What operating system and Browser you are using? Please include as exact versions as you can, thanks!
  • Are you using any plugins/extension for your Browser?
  • Could you try again using the private/incognito mode for your Browser and see if the problem still happens (this would indicate one of your Browser plugins is causing the issue)

Windows 10 Enterprise
Chrome 103.0.5060.66

tried in incognito mode - it’s the same. After some time editing the data, Del and Backspace become inactive. Also it becomes impossible to select text with shift+arrow key

Thanks for the info I’m working on tracking this down now. For the time being could you check if it works on a different Browser like Firefox? Thanks

tested in Firefox - it’s the same

Hi @mandarinkdk , We managed to track the cause of this bug down. It existed before 1.10.2 but was made more likely to happen in 1.10.2. I’ve made the following issue to track the fix which we’ll try to do ASAP Backspace and Delete keys stop working after selecting specific types of cells (#1085) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Specifically, the way you trigger this bug is by clicking on a text formula cell. Refreshing the page afterwards should fix the issue.

Hi @mandarinkdk , we have fixed the main cause of this bug in 1.11. If you upgrade and encounter this again please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks!

I’m encountering the same issue in 1.12.1, with the same criteria (selecting a text formula field)

Just as an update, I updated my Baserow instance to 1.13 yesterday and am still experiencing it

Hey @Jamac, so sorry for the delay with the response! I’ll check with the devs about this issue :raised_hands:

Hey @Jamac apologizes for this annoying bug appearing again.

We unfortunately didn’t have the time to fix the root cause of this last time and so it has re-appeared. I have made a new issue tracking the fix of the root cause at Ensure event handlers are never orphaned preventing clicking on cells (#1321) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab which we will try to squeeze into the next release.