Problem with file upload and previews

Hey there! I’m new to Baserow, so maybe I missed something during the initial setup. I’d appreciate some help from more experienced engineers

I’m using a self-hosted Baserow installation in my k8s cluster using a Helm chart (baserow 1.27.0 · christianknell/christianknell).
The app itself is working great, but I’m having trouble with file uploads and preview rendering. It seems like there might be an issue with this part of my configuration.

I’m not using S3 storage. Only persistent volumes (I assume I can store files in PVs?)

Only a crossed-out image instead of file icons and the actual files. When I try to download the uploaded file, receive an error from the backend server.
I can see my uploaded files in backend-pod at “/baserow/media/user_files”

When using Docker, I don’t encounter these issues, but I want to use Baserow in Kubernetes

I’m ready to share the relevant lines from my values.yaml file, just let me know what you’d like to see.

Helm chart version is 1.27, and Baserow images are at 1.21.2.

Hi @GiveUp, I’m not very familiar with this helm chart, to be honest. After taking a quick look at the configuration, it doesn’t seem like the helm chart supports proper file serving through persistent volumes. I think that there two things that you can do:

  1. Store files in an S3 like compatible bucket, and configure the correct config variables. I recommend this.
  2. Add a pod/container that can serve the media files. You would have to configure the media.url value so that it uses the correct URL.