Problem with search by fields with cyrillic characters on self-hosted version


In the self-hosted version (v1.5.0 installed using Cloudon), the search for fields with Cyrillic characters is case-sensitive (both in the program and via the API). The search for fields with Latin characters works correctly (it is not case-sensitive).

At the same time, in the SaaS version, the search for fields with Cyrillic characters works correctly (it is not case-sensitive)

What could be the problem?

Hi @Maxim, I have tested this in a Cloudron Baserow environment and in the hosted version of Baserow, but it seems that in both environments searching for Cyrillic characters is case-sensitive. Latin characters are in both environments not case-insensitive.

How can I reproduce the scenario in the hosted version where it is not case-sensitive? Do you think we should make searching for Cyrillic characters also case-insensitive?

Hi @bram , thank you for your attention to the problem.

In the SaaS version on the search is working in the case-insensitive mode


When I made a preliminary prototype of the database in the cloud I was guided that the search on the self-hosted version would work the same way. And I was unpleasantly surprised by the search difference.

Yes, this mode case-insensitive search with Cyrillic characters is very important for the correct operation of the search in applications. Please add it to the implementation list.

Thank you for pointing out the problem. I’ve created an issue in GitLab here: Searching with Cyrillic is case-sensitive (#1256) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

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