Problem with webhook


I’m using Baserow, SaaS version, when I add a new line, it’s firing indefinitely for the n8n webhook, until I stop the workflow


@olgatrykush ,

Has there ever been a report of this problem?

Hello Claudio :wave:

Not sure, let me ask the dev team :ok_hand:

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Hi @claudiobalbino, can it be that the n8n trigger creates or updates a row in the same table, which will then trigger the webhook again, resulting in a loop?

Hey @claudiobalbino,

it’s working as expected from my tests.
Could you please try to temporarily change the webhook URL with some webhook tester to verify that the event is triggered only once?

A suspect I’d like to verify is that the n8n workflow can result in an infinite loop that keep updating the row.

@olgatrykush @bram @davide

My webhook was configured to send me everything… I changed it to send only when I add a new line, which is what I really need.

Problem solved, thank you all for your attention and quick responses