Problems with Formula

I have a serious problem with the API Formula.
It looks like they drastically changed the way values ​​are returned in the call result

Before it went like this:
“Days”: “157 days 16:40:37.249298”

Now I’m getting the values ​​like this:
“Days”: 13624837.249298

I can no longer continue updating my projects and I have an application with more than 160k downloads…

Hey @thiagobcav,

I apologize for the issue you are experiencing. With the recent addition of the “Duration” field, any new or updated formula fields that return a date interval will now use the latest “Duration” format, which reports the number of seconds within the interval instead of a string.

Would it be a problem to convert it from the number of seconds?

Otherwise, what do you think of a new formula to return the new duration field values in the old format? So if you have something like field('duration field'), the result will still be a number, but if you do date_interval_format(field('duration field')), the result will be what it was before so something like “Days”: “157 days 16:40:37.249298”. What do you think?


I found a solution, instead of using the formula:

field(‘Name’) - field(‘Name’)

I am using the following formula:

concat(field(‘Name’) - field(‘Name’) ,’ ')