Problems with Self Hosted Baserow

I am experiencing a problem with my filtered views where when I edit a field that is not involved in the filer process, the row disappears, and I get a standard row highlight saying the row no longer fits the filter. This happens on any field even those not being filtered.

Hello @cipherhunter, could you please provide more details on how you are self-hosting Baserow using this template: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel.

I think I can confirm the same (or similar) behavior:
when I set my filter conditions and then start to edit a row, it gets the yellow frame around it and small text “row has moved” in the left bottom corner. As soon as I finish editing any cell from that row and go to another row, the row previously edited “disappears”. In fact, it doesn’t disappear but moves up or down in a table.
This doesn’t happen with just every row, but it’s accidental.