Protect users from deleting table and/or database

Hello, I am evaluating Baserow for use in manufacturing companies that I work with. I love the no-code simplicity, but I can’t get past the lack of data protection. If I created a Baserow to track for example the jobs in our manufacturing operation, it would be a simple table: |Job Number|Customer|Part Number|Quantity|Stage|Status|Created By|Updated By|

However, how do I protect from one of my users Deleting the table or the database? I created a “member” user and all they have to do is click the three dots and they can Delete the database or a Table. Am I missing something?

Hi @bbuss!

You are not missing anything indeed and we will work on various “access control” features shortly.

If you have any particular input on how access control should work or what exactly do you need (“this user can’t delete or modify any tables” etc.) then please do elaborate more on your use case as we are currently in the planning phase and looking for such input for the upcoming features.

It could also be a good input whether you plan on using a paid version of Baserow for this use case. If so, we could get you in contact with our CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) to talk more in depth about the possible solution.

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