Publish application on self-hosted instance


(please replace “~” with “.” in the text below — sorry)

I really like the Application Builder and I can publish my apps easily when use it with my baserow account on baserow~io! However I struggle publishing an app on my self-hosted docker-based instance.

My docker command is:
docker run
–name baserow1.25.1
-e BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=https://baserow~mydomain~de
-e BASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESSES=https://baserow~mydomain~de
-v baserow_data:/baserow/data
-p 80:80
-p 443:443
–restart unless-stopped

I have created a new DNS record:
CNAME NAME=app~mydomain~de VALUE=baserow~mydomain~de

I have added the domain app~mydomain~de in the application builder settings. After clicking the publishing button and selecting app~mydomain~de it returns the message that the app has been published. However when accessing the website I receive an “SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT” error.

I would be grateful about any hint how to avoid this error message. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @moin, can you try setting your BASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESS=:443, and then try again?

Thanks a lot, now it’s working!