Q: Do snapshots include attached files?


not in front of my test-installation atm. - so I dump the question here:

Do snapshots include attached files?

process example:

  1. user uploads file to baserow / attaches it to data-record in baserow
  2. user makes snapshot
  3. user deletes file within baserow
  4. user restores snapshot
  5. Is the deleted file again accessible for the user via baserow after snapshot restore?

(6. maybe nasty GDPR-question: if file within baserow and optional snapshots are deleted: data is permanently deleted within the baserow data-directory?)

thanks & greetings ArgH

Hi @ArgH ,

I can confirm that yes, the deleted file will be accessible again in the restored snapshot database.

Currently once a file is uploaded to Baserow it will remain in the data directory and Baserow itself will never remove it. In the future we plan to add a cleanup mechanism of some sort. However as you point out, what happens if a file is referenced by a snapshot? What if a user deletes their account etc? We are tracking these GDPR questions on this issue here currently: GDPR compliancy regarding user deletion process (#1010) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

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