Question: Better way to maintain baserow?

Hi, everyone, I’m new to baserow and am fascinated by this project.

I’m planning to self-host baserow, and I saw different docker-compose files.

I’m pretty good at playing with docker compose. But after read all of them, I’m a bit wary about which one to choose.

In my case, I have another services on my server and they are all reverse-proxyed by one caddy instance and the baserow service should also be placed behind it. Since I think the all-in-all is easier to maintain, how should I configure it such that the caddy inside baserow container will not fetch a Let’s Encrypt certificate?

I would like to ask also if you have reason to prefer one method to another and this could be inspiring for me. Thank you!

Look at There is some information in the comments there:

This compose file runs every service separately without any reverse proxy or http
server to serve user uploaded files. It is intended as a starting point for people
who want to use their own reverse proxy and run Baserow with one service per
container. The web-frontend service is available by default at http://localhost:3000
and the backend service is available by default at http://localhost:8000 .

To use this file you need to:

  1. Set the PUBLIC_BACKEND_URL to the URL that the user’s browser can access the
    backend service on.
  2. Set the PUBLIC_WEB_FRONTEND_URL to the URL that the user’s browser can access the
    web-frontend service on.
  3. Host the media files in the media volume on a HTTP server and set the MEDIA_URL
    to the URL the user’s browser can access the files on.
  4. Ensure requests sent to the backend in /ws path are upgraded to websocket
    See the following guides for more details and example configurations:
  5. Installing Baserow behind Nginx // Baserow
  6. Installing Baserow behind Apache // Baserow

Also More documentation can be found in:

Basically you are doing your own thing if you need to run Baserow alongside other services and want to run compose files yourself.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll check it!