[Question from the form] Automation to help with customer/community onboarding

Have you ever set up automation to help with customer/community onboarding? As a project, we have new registrations every day. Some people after registering are more actively using our product than others. Can we build workflows to track the activity of new users and send them messages based on the actions they take after registering?

That will depend on the apps being used.

If the apps support being notified of certain events (e.g. new post, profile updated, etc.), then you may be able to configure the desired automations.

If the apps do not support the desired trigger events, then you may have to look into alternative ways of monitoring those manually to then trigger an automation.

That’s a very interesting question. I was exploring the ways how to set up this on Discourse. They have this automation feature which is very useful, but you can’t do some advanced things with it :frowning:

Check out the these Discourse integrations…
Zapier: Discourse Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier
Make.com: https://www.make.com/en/integrations/discourse

Thanks, I’ve already checked those! I can see that Discourse has already upgraded its automation functionality and added a few more triggers.