[Question from the form] How to set up automation to auto-post content from one channel to another?

Newbie question: how to build a workflow to auto-post content from one channel to another? Let’s say I publish on Twitter by myself but then I want to have the same publication shared on my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Mastodon. Or can I have automation to publish posts from my Baserow table to all channels I want automatically? If yes, how to do it?

That can be easier said than done, because each app has different requirements and limitations.

IF you were to use Zapier to create automations between the apps…

THEN check out each Zap app profile page to see the supported triggers/actions to get a gist about what should be possible to configure depending on your desired workflow.

Search Zap apps: Explore All Apps | Zapier

Use the template below to outline and organize your workflow steps to automate.


  1. Trigger: [App] - [Event]
  2. Action: [App] - [Event]