Question of the week!

:question: Tell us: how many rows does your largest database have?

865 at the moment. It is a colors database that i use for testing.

I just discovered that when I import that database as a csv in a new table it duplicates the fieldnames generated by Baserow in the first row. I used the setting where i told it that it shouldn’t use the first row as the fieldnames.

It shouldn’t do that off course. This is a piece of the csv file.

Oh nice! I asked the same question on our Twitter some time ago and we had a winner with 500K rows.

Checking this now, @Peter!

Users who want to test with such a big table can get it here

I’ve just used this platform to get a test CSV file :smile_cat:

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Hey @Peter! Quick updates :point_down:

Thanks for spotting this! This is a bug, and we have created an issue to have this fixed in Baserow 1.11, you can track the progress here: Importing a CSV file without header add an extra first row with field name (#992) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

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