Random Record to show in App

Hi there,

is there a formula to select a random record?
I’m looking for a way to show a random record with AppBuilder.


Hey @DavidCeulemans, I can’t think of any potential solutions or workarounds. Could you please elaborate on your use case?

Hi Olga,

I’d like to show a ‘random’ record on the homepage of my app (repeat element, with only one instance).
It doesn’t need to be completely random, but I’d like it to change regularly.


Good morning @DavidCeulemans!

I’m afraid that there’s currently no way to select a random record from a data source.

What we do hope to have in the future however is more formula functions which page designers can use in the application builder. At that time we might have a “random row” function which could be used in conjunction with the GetRow data source.

Until this time, what you could do is:

  • In your list data source’s table, introduce a “promoted” or “stickied” boolean field.
  • Assign one of your rows as the promoted/stickied one.
  • Assign this data source to your repeat element, and filter the data source to only promoted/stickied results.
  • When you wish to rotate the record to a different one, toggle the records manually from the source table.

I hope this helps!


As an alternative to what @peter_baserow proposed, you can try to build a formula using a ‘now’ function. It updates every 10 minutes, so potentially, it can be a solution if the main criterion is to have values change regularly. :thinking:


Didn’t know about the 10 minute ‘delay’.
I tried creating a random value with the now() function, but it didn’t seem to change.
Will try again, and see if I can get it in Appbuilder.

if that doesn’t work, I’ll try Peter’s approach. I might then show 3 or 4 random carousel or something…