Read-only permissions

There is admin and member roles for a workspace, but is it currently possible to give a user read-only permissions for a workspace? Like a spectator, viewer, or observer role?

That’s currently not possible @jim. We’re currently working hard a public view sharing feature that allows you to create a public read only link to your view. Next year, we’re going to work on role based access control that will allow you to do this, but that might take a while.

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Ok, I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for your work, and godspeed!

@bram Hi! I just discovered Baserow and love it, although for me to to start using it fully I would need a way to share or allow access to the database for others to view only. Thank you for working on this feature. Any idea if it’s a matter of weeks or months? I appreciate your effort. Thank you. Peter

We’re currently working on that feature. More information can be found here 📨 Share grid view publicly (#226) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. It will be a matter of weeks before it’s finished.

Perfect. I’ve read through it and it fits my use case very well. Thank you!

Glad to hear that it will fit your use case :slight_smile:

Hello @jim and @peterlloyd1718! Yesterday we released role-based access control and now it is possible to assign members one of the following roles – Admin, Builder, Editor, Commenter, and Viewer. Details are described here: 1.13 release of Baserow // Baserow.