Recap of recent events at Baserow + a sneak peek at something new!

Hey there!

It’s time for a quick recap of what’s going on at Baserow. So, let’s jump right in!

Community spotlight

@Govi, @levinside, @William, @deet, @joseph_appsmith, @iiimcintosh, we want you to know how much we appreciate your :blue_heart:s. It’s always encouraging for the team and other members to see an interest in what we share, and when we help each other out. Keep them coming!

Cool new things our community created

:zap: @frederikdc created a new set of videos showcasing the entire process of building a responsive web application for reporting a nest of Asian hornets in an area. It’s built using Appsmith as the frontend and Baserow as the backend.

:zap: @soon built Baserow charts plugin. Simply import your data to test it out.

:zap: @jwitte shared a new Python client for Baserow, designed with a focus on the basic Baserow API, specifically for tables, fields, rows, values, and filters.

:zap: @dynnammo automated the process of building a habit using Baserow, n8n, and Telegram.

Fellow Baserowers, we’re amazed by all of your contributions. Thank you so much for your support. :rocket:

News and announcements from the team

Baserow 1.21

We have plans to release Baserow 1.21 very soon. Although we can’t disclose all the details at this time, we can announce that this version will include two HUGE features:

@davide has finished working on the advanced filtering feature.
@petrs implemented the row change history feature.

Which one are you waiting for the most? :smiley:

Ambassador program

If you’re a fan of Baserow and want to go beyond just using the product, we invite you to join our Ambassador program! As an ambassador, you’ll not only get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our development process, but also enjoy some special perks. These perks include the opportunity to connect with other Baserow enthusiasts, attend invite-only events where you can learn more about our vision and future plans, and much more.

Apply here to get more details.

New logo

As you probably saw, we have a sleek new logo! The logo is part of a much larger product redesign that we’ll be shipping soon. Check out this preview of a section from the new Baserow homepage. It’s a big moment for us because the original Baserow design was created by Bram a long time ago.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

NoCode Summit 2023

Last week, the Baserow team was in Paris, attending NoCode Summit 2023.

During the two-day event, we had the amazing opportunity to discuss, share, and connect with 2,500 no-coders. What’s even more exciting is that we had two speaking slots where we talked about the power of open-source and no-code, and demonstrated how to build scalable apps without code. Recordings of the event will be available later. In the meantime, here are two interesting quotes from our talks:

Baserow plans for 2024:

"We are launching the beta for our application builder at the end of November. It’s going to be open-source and free. We’re launching the open-source version first so that everybody can adopt it. If you’re on our newsletter or you want to follow us, check that out. We’ll want you to start giving us feedback. We position ourselves to be a bit more complicated than Bubble but less complicated than Glide. We can build internal tools and external applications. In the beginning, it’s going to be just Baserow as the data source, but moving forward, you will be able to connect to all sorts of data sources, whether it’s Airtable, Google Sheets, or an existing database. You’ll be able to build applications regardless of the database, and these applications will scale. It’s not just for internal use, but you can actually build entire websites with it and create portals to restrict access.”

—Olivier Maes, co-founder and CRO at Baserow.

Short remark: After the NoCode Summit, we had a call to discuss the release of the beta version of the app builder. It was decided to postpone the release a bit in order to add some critical features.

What we see for AI in Baserow:

"What we see for AI in Baserow is that we want to support no-code developers in actually building applications. That could be done by having documentation that you can refer to and a model that you can ask questions to, like "How do I create a new field in Baserow? " or “What should this database look like? " the model can then provide you with answers directly in the tool. Additionally, we also want to use AI to enhance the data that you already have in baserow. For example, you can think about an AI field where you can write a prompt and ask the AI questions. You would have variables to choose from based on the data you’re editing, and the AI would automatically provide the answers.”

—Bram Wiepjes, co-founder and CEO at Baserow.

Here’s a look back at the NoCode Summit through pictures!

Make and Zapier templates

We’ve added new automation workflow templates on Make and Zapier to help you save time while managing your data with Baserow, check them out :point_down:

Zapier: Baserow Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier.

Baserow awarded as the Best Value database by Capterra

We’re thrilled to announce that Baserow has been recognized as an impactful database management software for businesses and for which we have received the Best Value badge from verified reviewers on Capterra! :medal_sports:

Big thanks to all of our users and community members! It would not have been possible without your constant support and feedback.

If you’d like to share a review as well, you can do so here.

Baserow University or Baserow Academy?

We’re planning on launching a learning center to help you level up your Baserow skills! What should we name it? :thinking:

  • Baserow University/Baserow Uni
  • Baserow Academy

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Other useful resources to check out

How to authenticate to Baserow using database and JSON web tokens.
How to manage expenses in a no-code database.
API integration: How to upload a file to Baserow using multipart/form-data.
API integration: How to upload files via URL.

That’s it for today! Have a great day and take care! :blue_heart:

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Looking forward to this feature. I built an n8n flow that allows people to subscribe to certain field updates, and having row change history surfaced in-product would be very useful.

Also looking forward to the Application Builder beta when its ready


We’re really close to that @kamille_parks :+1: