Registration vs invitation

On my installation (Cloudron, thanks @bram ) I closed the free registration of new users to keep control.

In my projects, I can issue invitations but guests can’t register if I don’t leave the registrations open. This should be possible, or you should disable the possibility to invite, which would be a pity.

I love the simplicity of Baserow and the features but I don’t understand this issue.


Hey @Jeau, welcome to Baserow community!

Currently when you disable signups, no one can create an account, not even when you’re invited. If I understand correctly is that you want to ability to disable registrations for visitors, but if someone is invited he should still be able to create an account?

In the meantime you could temporarily allow the signups when someone wants to create a new account.

@bram great thanks

yes, that’s right, I’d like to be able to disable registrations for visitors and be able to autorise to create an account with invitation.

indeed, in the meantime I allow temporarily the signups. So it’s not really an issue :wink:

Perfect! I’ve created an issue to track this: Allow signup via invitation even if the signups are disabled (#748) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. It doesn’t have that much priority right now because it’s possible to temporarily allow registrations.

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