Remote ssl access with swag, let's encrypt and duckdns?

Hello newbie here so apologies if it’s not making a lot of sense, but since I already have nextcloud deployed with swag and duckdns on my server I was wondering could it also be used to access baserow from web instead of caddy?

If so, should I be setting BASEROW_CADDY_GLOBAL_CONF=no? Any other configuration would need to be adjusted?

I created proxy conf for baserow subdomain as described here: SWAG setup -

as well as assigned baserow container to swag network.

But currently I get 502 error when trying to access baserow web interface and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @lemexicainendormi , if you already have a proxy infront of Baserow you don’t need to set any special CADDY variables and should be able to do something simple like: Install with Docker // Baserow

You don’t need to worry about changing/disabling the embedded Caddy, in your situation it will simply pass through requests to the right internal service.

Could you provide the exact docker command you are using to launch Baserow, your exact swag proxy conf (feel free to anonymize it) and the full output of docker logs baserow after you have launched it, visited Baserow and gotten the 502? Feel free to PM me the logs instead of posting them publicly.

Also please note on initial startup Baserow might take a few minutes before it becomes available due to loading in templates. You will see a Baserow is now available at ... in the logs when Baserow is ready.

Thank you @nigel for quick reply and pointing me things to check.

It seems the problem was with my swag proxy conf. What I did was:

set $upstream_app baserow;
set $upstream_port 443;
set $upstream_proto https;

Once changed to:

set $upstream_app <my-lan-ip>;
set $upstream_port 82;
set $upstream_proto http;

I can now access baserow from web with ssl cert.