Remove Basreow Branding From Self Hosted

I would like to at the minimum remove Basreow Branding from forms on self hosted.

Would be nice to remove branding all together.

If I go premium, can I remove the branding?

Do one time donations count towards getting a premium license?


Hey there @Clouted, we’ve already received a few requests to remove branding from the Baserow forms, and I can assure you that this question is going to be discussed at the nearest team meeting. The problem is that Baserow is still new to the market, and we need to use every possibility to spread the word about our tool. Branding is an important source for us at this time even on the self-hosted versions, otherwise, we’d remove it without any doubt.

Now, in the Early Premium version, you’ll have the branding ‘Powered by Baserow’.

You need to give users an option to remove branding. Otherwise this will hurt your growth. Not help it. I won’t ever use forms with you brand on it. Just saying.


I can only emphysize what @Clouted has written. At least for the sponsors & premium ones the logo-must should be dropped - as this will mean that the usage of the forms will not grow as it could.
So, as this comes from here:

I will spend my vote here;)


I am with @Clouted Opinion My vote on him +1

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Hey @Richardapplegate and @moonday :wave:

This is in the plans! A lot of people ask about the possibility to remove branding, so we will work on this feature very soon. We will make it available in the Premium plan.

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Hi @olgatrykush, would you help me?

If I remove a logo in the self-hosted version of baserow, am I infringing copyright? (this is a question and not a statement, my concern is whether I am infringing any trademark rights by modifying certain features like removing a logo in this version)

Hey @solarsbeans, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you can! You can fork the Baserow repository and modify the code. For example, has done this! For more information, please check out this post: Clarify license limitations regarding customization - #2 by bram.

A simple hint and an easy hack is to use adblock, which is a browser extension to prevent advertising. There is a feature called “blocked in elements” that allows you to make alterations to the dom(document object model) that in this case is the html of the site to which you are. With this tip you can remove the Baserow brand/logo in the case of the self-hosted version without touching a single line of code.

I hope this simple tip can help someone.