Repeating blocks over several pages

Does App-Builder have ‘repeating’ blocks/elements that are repeated over all blocks?
Would be very handy to make a header or navigation bar and/or a footer element.

Hi David,

Not yet, but the feature is on our roadmap as Page shared elements.

What I currently do is creating a page with my header and navigation, I duplicate it and name it template. Every new page I create is a duplicate of that template. But having the page shared elements will be much more productive.

Hi Frederick,

Thanks for your feedback + good to know.
The template page is a good idea for new pages indeed. However, I started adding navigation after having created a few pages, so I ran in the cumbersome task of recreating the same element + navigation a few times.

Also, In case one needs adding or changing navigation on a page, shared elements will indeed be more productive in the future.

thanks again,

I agree. it is just a temporary workaround. Not a future-proof approach.