Request for Enhancement: Enabling Grouping with Fields Linked to Another Table

Hello Baserow Community,

I am writing to request an enhancement in the grouping functionality of Baserow. Currently, it seems that fields linked to another table cannot be used for grouping purposes. Here is an example to illustrate the issue:

  1. Primary Table: Equipments
  2. Linked Field in Primary Table: Client (Linked to “Client Establishment” Table)
  3. Issue Encountered: When attempting to group by the linked field (Client), this field does not appear in the grouping options.

This limitation hinders the ability to organize and view data efficiently, especially in cases where understanding relationships between different tables is crucial.

I believe enabling grouping by fields linked to other tables would greatly enhance the usability of Baserow for users managing relational data.

Thank you for considering this request :slight_smile:

Hello @Preview7282, thank you for your feedback. We are planning to add support for the link-to-table field in the group by feature. You can track the progress here: Group by link to table (link row) field (#2306) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

@Preview7282 @olgatrykush ,

This feature could be very useful for me.
I have one table for the projects we are working on, another table for the Tasks .
It is very convenient to be able to group the tasks by projects (the linked record).
I don’t know how much work it is, but being able to filter on a linked field is very handy as well…
Is there an estimated time for the release ? I am not very used to gitlab.

Hey @bluegreeno, this issue is a top priority and it might even be released in the 1.25 version, or at most, the one after that.

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Hi Baserow community,

Just wanted to say that I am urged of the enhancement.

Thanks for sharing, @cecizu. I’m keeping a close eye on this issue. As soon as someone from the dev team picks it up, I’ll share an update here. :slightly_smiling_face: