Reversion ( record history )

does baserow support reversioning ( record history in case of update or deleted ) contain person who make the change & timestamp and notes

Seems related. Is this sort of what you had in mind?

We do have plans in the future for an audit log showing every change done by every user for admins. Technically we are already logging every user action to facilitate undo/redo in the core_action postgres table (actions will be deleted according to the MINUTES_UNTIL_ACTION_CLEANED_UP env variable which defaults to 120) , so hopefully when we get to building this feature it should be straightforward :slight_smile:


I hope contribute this feature

Hello @selbieh, the audit log feature was released in Baserow 1.14. It is currently an Enterprise-level feature, and only server admins can access it.

More details can be found here :point_right:

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