Rich-text formatting - feature optimization (suggestion)

Scenario description:
in previously created long text field with rich text formatting option turned off, later turned on the rich text feature - if there is already text content (few short text paragraphs) in any row in this particular field and I opened it to edit, then if I selected just few text paragraphs, I can see only “bold/italic/underline/…” formatting options, but not the rest like bullet-list, headings etc, which would be very useful.


Also, it seems that the “old” paragraph (or line?) breaks are not correctly recognized as breaks. Just test to “paragraph format” any of paragraphs f.e. by H3, the result is that all following paragraphs are formated as H3 as well. And vice versa.

That’s how it works. When you select text, you’ll see options to add bold, italic, etc. If you place the cursor on any line, a modal will appear allowing you to choose formatting options like headings, bullet lists, and so on. Would you like it to work differently?

I think it could work more similar to most common text editor. That is: if I need to change the paragraph style to more than just one paragraph, I just select more paragraphs and then select the paragraph style from styles menu. In other words, there should be also paragraph styles section visible when any part of text is selected, not just B/I/U/… section.

Thanks, @marcus! I’ve quickly checked with the team. First of all, we are aware of the issue with new lines, but fixing it would require a significant amount of work. We will change it, but we are not sure yet when.

Regarding the paragraphs, at this stage, we are also not sure it’s something we want to fix. If we see more people complaining about it, we’ll definitely re-discuss it.

Anyway, I’ll add both requests as new feature ideas so we don’t lose them.