Role levels when creating (inviting) a new member

Hi, I am studying now the structure of role levels. I see that in Free and Premium plan (if speaking about self-hosted version), if setting up the invitation or creating a new member/user, there is only “admin” or “member” possible and no more detailed role or permissions configuration is possible. Am I right, that “member” corresponds to a “builder” role rather than to an “editor” role? If yes, then by my opinion it doesn’t make much sense because this basic member could “destroy” the table or database structure by simply renaming, reconfiguring or even deleting important data fields.
I there is such a limitation in Free/Premium plan (selection only between admin and member), then I would suggest to add at least one more option to select, when creating/inviting a new member, which would correspond to “Editor” role. Or change the existing permitions/rights for a member type to those, which are less powerfull (so the standard member will not be able to change the structure or delete fields, just fill-in table rows).
Would like to know your team’s or other baserow users opinion for that. Maybe it’s just me who would like such a change or enhancement. I’m just thinking about how to better secure the database from a people’s error.

Hello @marcus,

Yes, this question has been raised by our community before.

We understand this, which is why we want to add row change history and the “Last modified by” field type to help avoid some potential data loss/mistakes for our users.

I’ll discuss this point with the team. Since RBAC is available in the Advanced plan, we may not add any new roles to user management in the Free/Premium plans. However, changing the existing permissions/rights for a Member type might be a good alternative. In any case, we’ll discuss this further.

@marcus would a feature letting admin’s “lock” a table/view/potentially more things in the future so other non-admins can’t delete it solve your use case?

yes, it could be, if it is meant as non-admins wont be able to delete any table or field in a table

I have one quick question: what does mean “is staff” checkbox - I see it in Users section when I try to edit a member. Not sure about it. Just now I have checked it only in my user (admin) profile, and rest of users have it unchecked (including one of them who has the admin role as well).

And one more: how can I add a member (baserow user) to another workspace? It is not possible by editing the user. Do I have to invite (send an invitation) a member? Is it not possible just to add an already existing member to another workspace manually? That could be one more feature request :slight_smile: