Rows lifetime. Automatic cleaning of obsolete data.


I use baserow for my powershell scripts. An excellent way to interact between scripts, collect data, store settings for scripts and manage them. Thank you.

Is it possible to limit the lifetime of rows?
For example, I need to clean them up all the time to remove obsolete data.

Thanks again.

Hey Den :slight_smile:

It is not possible to add a TTL (time to live) to any particular row. If this is something you need you could add a feature request for it and we could discuss internally if we think it’s feasible.

Other than that, you should have access to the created_on property of a row, you could use that property to determine the age of a row and then have a job clean up all obsolete data. This could make your life easier, unless you are already doing that :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: