Schedule emails using baserow?

I have added data in baserow table which has email, firstname, email message. If I add additional column which has date and time then is it possible to schedule email at that specific date and time?


I also want to know is it possible to add custom variables in message column? For example: in message column I want to reference firstname can I add that as well?

Hello @aditodkar, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

That’s not possible to schedule and send emails using Baserow only. You can pair up Baserow with an email platform, but you will need to use a workflow automation tool to connect the tools. We have integrations with n8n, Make, and Zapier, do you have experience using one of them?

How can I get username of baserow account? I am unable to connect to n8n integration

Hey @aditodkar, you need to connect it through API. To create an API token: Personal API tokens // Baserow. Is it what you are struggling with?

Baserow uses email as a username, so try filling the email that you use to create your Baserow account.