Search for one row based on a string

I am struggling to search for a row using the search option on the url.
I have tried using a filter:
url = f"{table_id}/?user_field_names=true&filter__field_474451__contains='Black Ice’"
but that returns:
Database: {“count”:0,“next”:null,“previous”:null,“results”:[]}

Please could you inform me of the correct syntax for search and filter. Thank you

Edit: The user_field_names=true parameter is not supported, but it also shouldn’t cause any trouble. The filter how you wrote it seems correct.

Maybe you have a typo here 'Black Ice’ with the character?

Sorted Search and Filter …
url = f"{table_id}/?user_field_names=true&search=Black Ice"
which will return a dictionary using the user field names.
url = f"{table_id}/?user_field_names=true&filter__field_474451__contains=Black Ice"
which will also return a dictionary using the user field names.

My problem was the ’ ’ around the search and filter text. No need to enclose the text in quotes.