Search value - lookup and filter

Hello, I’m trying to fetch the value that is in another related table, but I’m not succeeding

It’s the code wich i’m trying to work:

  lookup('Relacionamento Score Apoio', 'score'), 
      totext(lookup('Relacionamento Score Apoio', 'idade')) = "27", 
      totext(lookup('Relacionamento Score Apoio', 'qt_repeticoes')) = "0")

I don’t get any error but the returned value is zero

Hey @Murilo ,
I’ve just checked and everything works well for me.

Could you please provide an example of your 'Relacionamento Score Apoio' table and the table where you are writing that formula, so I will be able to fully reproduce that case

Hey, Alex!

Thank you for your response. I was trying to make a Link Table without select any value in the field, and I figured out that it yet doesn’t work this way.

I found another solution!!

Thank you!

Great that you have found a solution for your issue!

I also thought that it should work that way, but then I realized that you need to select a particular value from the connected table