Search Zapier Integration

Currently, the Zapier integration only allows for search via row ID, however, the several use cases where you might have the row ID but the data in the row. Any chance the team can add that option to the Zapier integration?


Hello @larbrandsllc, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Indeed because row IDs are unique, we use them to search for rows (also because multiple rows can have the same data).

What you can do is use Zapier webhooks to pull the rows, and I’ll check with the team if we plan to add the option to search using data (or alternative one) to the Zapier integration.

Hello @larbrandsllc, just to clarify, do you want to be able to search in specific columns?

Yes, that would be awesome too but the rows is my focus. In regards to the multiple rows with the same data, some use cases may require users to update multiple rows with the same data and right now there’s no way to really do that from what I see. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense! We plan on improving the Zapier integration, and will keep your request in mind :raised_hands: