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I am developing a database to log my sleeping patterns. The next morning when I wake up, I enter the form and one of the fields is if I missed work, (Due to my health, sometimes I miss work if I only sleep a few hours). In the form, I have a conditional prompt. If I indicate that I didn’t fall back to sleep it asks if I missed work, else it doesn’t prompt. More often than not, I don’t miss work which leads to the field being empty when I view the database, so I wanted to see if it’s possible to add a formula to the field so if there is no response, it enters ‘N/A’ in lieu of the blank cell.

Sort like and if blank then “N/A” else (Field value).

I’ve viewed this tutorial which worked for a sample database I’m using to test it, but it also added an extra field which I’d like to avoid if at all possible. The ideal situation would be if I could hide the function field. which I can do, but only address/manipulate the Single Selection field’s value so the cell is no longer blank.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to manipulate the value of a single select field from a formula field. So, you will need the additional field that contains a formula. The formula checks the value of the other field(s) and shows the appropriate text.