Selecting multiple rows with checkboxes and keyboard

New to Baserow here. Big Airtable user but I’m very interested in hosting on-premises and seeing more competition in this space.

Things were looking good with my eval until I found out you can’t select multiple rows/cells using the keyboard: Shift+Arrow Keys. Similarly, there are not checkboxes on the rows to select non-contiguous rows.

To be frank, this is an odd design decision. I had to come to the forum to find out that row selection is done by holding Shift and clicking or clicking and dragging.

It would be great to hear this usability enhancement is planned. :slight_smile:

Yes, agree. Selecting only 200 rows is a big limitation.

I would also appreciate some enhancements in future releases, like:

  1. being able to select specific rows with CTRL+click (so not just the continuous selection with SHIFT+click)
  2. selecting ALL rows in a table

These would be a major improvement when working with multiple rows.

Hi @chris486 and @marcus!

The work on introducing Shift + Arrow keys selection is now in progress, so this will definitely be possible in Baserow.

The 200 rows limitation for selection should be configurable, we can also make that happen to respect the backend bulk limitations (however it is a question whether this will be increased on hosted

I can’t say anything regarding checkboxes of rows or selecting individual, non-continuous rows as we haven’t really discussed this in Baserow yet.

Hope this helps!

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Glad to hear part of my request is already in the works. Please consider also adding the ability to select non-contiguous rows.

Hey @chris486,
Here’s an issue for being able to select multiple rows via a checkbox: Select multiple rows via check box (#2075) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. :slightly_smiling_face: