Selecting multiple rows

Hi - I need to delete a couple thousand rows but I’m having a hard time selecting more than a couple hundred at a time. Is there a shortcut to select all rows in a view or to use CMD + SHIFT + DOWN or something similar? When using the mouse to select and drag the box down, it gets hung up after a couple hundred cells highlighted.

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Hi @mlee, there isn’t any option to select all rows in a table/view. I’d recommend using API to delete so many rows for now.

Stumbled upon this situation too. I need to clear some tables with a large amount of data. Using an API is an option, but it is not very friendly for regular users.

So voting for the “select all rows” option. :grinning:

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We understand this @nickneustroev! I’ve added the “select all rows” option to the list of requests, and we will discuss this with the team.

We plan to work on a bunch of UI/UX improvements in the nearest months, so your feedback will be addressed, be sure :raised_hands:


Hello @mlee and @nickneustroev! Currently, it’s possible to select a maximum of 200 rows due to the set limitations. We understand the importance of the feature you mentioned and will brainstorm on how to implement it.

Here is the issue: Shortcut to select multiple rows (#1250) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Has there been any update on this? We need to select thousands of rows at once

Hey @Emily, no updates as for now, but I’ll re-open this question in the nearest call where we discuss feature prioritization :ok_hand:

Happy this has been added in last week’s update version 1.16 :grin: