Self-hosted Airtable Import KeyError(18)

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Have you read and followed the instructions at: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel ?

Answer: Sure did.

Self-Hosted Installation and Setup Questions

How have you self-hosted Baserow.

Docker Compose

    container_name: baserow
    image: baserow/baserow:latest
      BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL: 'https://MY_URL'
      - "3333:80"
      - "3334:443"
      - baserow_data:/baserow/data

Which version of Baserow are you using.


Describe the problem

I’m unable to import any Airtable bases into my self-hosted Baserow instance. The same bases import just fine to an account on, but not my local version. The import process crashes at 42% and I just get the “Something went wrong” message. Logs below.

The bases in question are ~2,500 rows, ~5 tables, ~20 columns so nothing very large.

Please attach full logs from all of Baserow’s services

baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42] [2023-04-19 19:12:34,063: INFO/MainProcess] Task[e303c9d5-faf7-478b-bf62-aedf29a4109d] received
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42] [2023-04-19 19:12:42,131: ERROR/ForkPoolWorker-1] Task[e303c9d5-faf7-478b-bf62-aedf29a4109d] raised unexpected: KeyError(18)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42] Traceback (most recent call last):
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/celery/app/", line 451, in trace_task
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     R = retval = fun(*args, **kwargs)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/celery/app/", line 734, in __protected_call__
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     return*args, **kwargs)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/core/jobs/", line 34, in run_async_job
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     JobHandler().run(job)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/core/jobs/", line 59, in run
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     return, progress)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/airtable/", line 116, in run
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     database = action_type_registry.get(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/airtable/", line 55, in do
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     database = AirtableHandler.import_from_airtable_to_workspace(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/airtable/", line 596, in import_from_airtable_to_workspace
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     databases, _ = CoreHandler().import_applications_to_workspace(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/core/telemetry/", line 37, in _wrapper
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     raise ex
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/core/telemetry/", line 33, in _wrapper
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     result = wrapped_func(*args, **kwargs)
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/core/", line 1550, in import_applications_to_workspace
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     imported_application = application_type.import_serialized(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/", line 459, in import_serialized
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     self.import_tables_serialized(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/", line 303, in import_tables_serialized
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     view_type.import_serialized(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/views/", line 132, in import_serialized
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     grid_view = super().import_serialized(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/backend/src/baserow/contrib/database/views/", line 390, in import_serialized
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     value_provider_type.set_import_serialized_value(
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]   File "/baserow/premium/backend/src/baserow_premium/views/", line 133, in set_import_serialized_value
baserow    |  [EXPORT_WORKER][2023-04-19 19:12:42]     new_field_id = id_mapping["database_fields"][filter["field"]]

Hi @Manny, firstly, my apologies for the delayed response. It’s strange that the imports work fine on, but not in your local environment. I’ve double-checked, and we haven’t introduced changes to the Airtable import on since the release of 1.16. Is it a possibility that you share the publicly shared Airtable base with so that I can try to reproduce the problem myself? This will give me more insights in what’s going wrong.

Sure thing. Here’s a link to one of the bases. I just re-tested it to make sure I got the same error and it didn’t stop making that strange noise as soon as I got to the mechanic’s.

I’ve also restarted the Docker container, as well as the machine itself a few times to no avail.

Hi @Manny, thank you for sharing your base. The good news is that I’ve been able to reproduce your problem. This somehow only seems to happen if you run the Docker all-in-one image. If you run the normal development environment, even on version 1.16.0, it does work as expected. We’re going to look into this.

After some debugging, we learned that it’s related to a bug in our code. We’ve already fixed it (Fix wrong empty grid view during airtable import bug (!1413) · Merge requests · Baserow / baserow · GitLab), and it will be released in version 1.17 upcoming Tuesday, May 16. I’m sorry about the inconvenience.

Oh, awesome! Thank you for hunting this down. I’ll look forward to the update.

Just closing the loop here to confirm that this indeed fixed all the issues I was having. Now everything imports perfectly. Thanks again for the fix.