Self-hosted Baserow on

I’m interested in whether anyone has installed Baserow using There are one-click installs in the Baserow docs for similar services like Render and Railway.

If so, any pointers or a tutorial on the process would be welcome.

Hello @paulrudy, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

I couldn’t find any information on this either. I will ask the development team to see if anyone is familiar with this platform.

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I have not tried it but it looks like you can run standard docker images with it so it may be ok, however if you are planning to self host with it I would make sure you fully understand the platform first.

I was having a quick look at it and if it was me I would just install Baserow on a Digital Ocean or Hetzner VPS which will give you more compute resources for less money.

Thanks for your reply. I’m familiar with Fly, though I’m not a skilled developer so I have to rely on searches and tutorials to fill in the blanks.

The issue with Fly is that it doesn’t actually deploy a docker image, it transforms it into a VM. So the deployment process is going to be quite close to Railway or Render. It doesn’t accept docker-compose, only a Dockerfile. It also includes the option to set up a Postgres VM attached to the app through a Wireguard intranet.

So far, though, I haven’t been able to get it to deploy successfully by adapting the Baserow install files for Heroku, Render, Colima. I think I need the help of someone with more familiarity with Fly than I have to understand what settings are missing.

Thanks for the tips about other services.

Thanks, looking forward to learning what they can share. If it’s helpful, I could share my (unsuccessful) Fly setup as a starting point.