Self-hosted - migrating server and DB


I currently run Baserow on a single VPS using docker-compose.yml with exposed Postrgres and PGAdmin.

I would like to move this installation onto another server with a shared Postgres DB (for all my projects).

I see 2 options:

  1. Download all data into CSV etc. and recreate fresh slate Baserow on Server 2
  2. Download DB in PG_Admin and reimport to Server 2, then connect Baserow to that DB

Are there any other options? Anyone with experience with such migration?

Hey @srokatonie,

There are couple of different options depending on how things are deployed really, I would start with the Backing up and Restoring section of the manual though as it has some information on this.

If Postgres is already external option 2 feels like it would be the best option.

Yes there are other options.

The first that comes to my mind is to use management commands export_workspace_applications and import_workspace_applications. That would need to be run for each workspace you want to transfer over (this would however not transfer user accounts I think).

However if you can make a whole dump of the database and import that it is probably the best option.

Thank you for your replies.

I will give it a go with PGA import and see what happens. The other option needs more research I think.

OK, so I exported and imported Baserow DB using pg_dump / pg_restore in Postrgres Docker containers and worked really good.