Send an email to multiple contacts

If I had a basic CRM with a table of contacts (with name and email as fields), what would be the basic approach to be able to send an email to multiple selected contacts?

I feel like it would involve some sort of scripting, but I’m not sure where to start – or if this is actually beyond the scope of Baserow.

Hi Justin,

You are understanding is correct that you could indeed develop a script (in Python, Java, Ruby etc etc) which would connect to your Baserow instance via the Baserow API (to fetch the data) and then send the emails programmatically…

FYI the Baserow API is REST based, so if you are familiar with how REST based APIs work it should be a breeze retrieving data from your Baserow instance.

However if you are not that familiar with programming and development I would suggest that you use something like Zapier, Make or n8n to abstract alot of the above complexity.
They would allow to build out the above script to retrieve and send the emails out using a simple “drag and drop” tool

Hope this helps!


@superhua as you’ve found out, you need another platform besides baserow. How specialized are the CRM emails ? If a high number of users will be getting similar emails, you may want to look into an email marketing solution like ConvertKit. For my business, I integrated ConvertKit with Airtable (this was before I discovered Baserow). I use a mix of no-code (zapier), and python to synchronize data between the two.

If each customer needs specially crafted emails, you need a true CRM solution. It seems you have the right intuition that you want to integrate with Baserow. In fact there are tons of small companies and entrepreneurs out there who have figured out that Airtable or Baserow make the perfect simple, customizable CRM tool.

My advice: look at tools such as zapier or n8n, and search for the CRM tools that they integrate with. If you find a CRM which integrates with zapier or n8n, there’s a very high chance you can in turn integrate them with Baserow, without having to write any code.