Send email to a "team" of members

It would be good if an admin could send an email to a “team” of members in the enterprise version. This would save the trouble of creating a duplicate distribution list in Outlook and trying to keep them synced. Obviously this becomes more important as a team grows. Baserow already has email sending capability so this functionality shouldn’t be hard to add.

This could be to remind them of best practices on a database, or warn them of a pending clean-up of some sort, pending system upgrade, etc.

Yeah, good point! This would be a nice feature.

That’s an interesting idea @deet. We recently introduced our notification system, where you see mentions directly in the tool, and you can also receive those via email. Would it also work for you if we make use of that system, so that a workspace admin or instance admin can decide to send a notification with a custom content to the whole instance, every workspace member, a team in a workspace, or to an individual user? This can make the implementation potentially much easier.

Hi @bram I hunted around and I’m honestly not exactly sure how to trigger the notification system with a mention in this way. (we are on 1.19 and about to upgrade later this week). But I would leave to your discretion to build into something else. I was hoping the target could be a team in a database. We have 3 teams for 1 workspace. Each of the teams is focused on a different database within the workspace. I’d ideally like to be able to communicate at the team level in that context.

Makes sense @deet! I’ve added it to our feature request list, and we will be discussing it at our next planning meeting. I’ll keep you posted.

Hello @deet, we have accepted this feature request, but in our opinion, it is more of a nice-to-have rather than a priority. Therefore, we cannot promise that we will start working on it any time soon, but it is already on our list. :blush: