Server Internal Error (500) While Adding References In a Specific Field of a Specific Table

Which version of Baserow are you using.

Last available. Self-hosted instance.

Describe the problem

When trying to add a reference inside a reference field, the patch request returns Internal Server Error 500.
The problem is only related to this specific table and only for this field.
Any other field (even all the remaining reference-to-table fields in the same table) is edited correctly (PATCH REQUESTS return 200).
All the rows below that field are affected.

Any suggestion?

Hi, can you fill in the following questions? Critically here we need to be able to see the errors in the logs and to know the specifics of what fields are in this table (the types, any formulas etc):

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Technical Help Questionnaire

Have you read and followed the instructions at: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel ?

Answer: No I have not

Self-Hosted Installation and Setup Questions

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How have you self-hosted Baserow.

What are the specs of the service or server you are using to host Baserow.

Which version of Baserow are you using.

How have you configured your self-hosted installation?

What commands if any did you use to start your Baserow server?

Describe the problem

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How many rows in total do you have in your Baserow tables?

Please attach full logs from all of Baserow’s services

@nigel thank for reaching out. I’m closing the issue because I solved duplicating the field manually and then removing the problematic one.

I hope it will not happen anymore, otherwise I’ll answer your question.

Thank u so much again. :pray:

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Hello @nigel
Nice to meet you.
Can you please help me regarding this problem?
Thank you so much!