Setting up Baserow x Slack integration: 6 easy steps

With just a few clicks, you can link Baserow with Slack and streamline your everyday work. :link:

Send direct messages from Baserow to Slack, notify the team of a due date in Slack, post to a Slack channel directly from Baserow, and more.

Here’s how to set up the integration:

  1. Define the structure and key components of your process
  2. Set up a Baserow database.
  3. Add a Baserow trigger to Zapier.
  4. Build conditional workflows with multiple path rules.
  5. Path #1: Add branching logic to notify a collaborator.
  6. Path #1: Add an action to send a direct message.
  7. Path #2: Add a rule to notify the team of a due date.
  8. Path #2: Add an action to post to Slack channel.
  9. Implement user roles and access controls.

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