Share filters in public view


One feature that we imagined would be to allow to share filter together with a view. By default, filters hide rows that are not accessible in the shared view but it would relevant to share filters that can be (des)activated in the shared view.

For instance, it’s relevant in at least two cases:

  • to share a view to people who are not familiar with Baserow/filters
  • to share a view in which by default some data are hidden by filters but those filters can be deactivated

This could be done by adding a menu in the « share view » widget where we can select the filters we want to « share » and choose whether they are activated or not in the default public view.

Hope this can be useful to other projects :slight_smile:


Hello @asan, noted! I’ll discuss the feature idea with the team. Thank you for explaining your use case. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @asan, here’s an update on the feature request!

We like the idea and believe it will be very useful for many people. As the first step, we are going to introduce a feature that allows showing all filters in the shared view. Then, we will add a setting to choose which filters you want to display in the shared view as you suggested. :slightly_smiling_face: